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Ölflex® Connect

Lapp’s long standing expertise in designing and building a wide range of cable assemblies and our extensive product range combines to offer a wide scope of services.

  • No capital expenditure
    Avoid investing in your own production facilities - leverage our state-of-the-art equipment and tools.
  • Less operating expenditure
    Benefit from a simplified supplier base – Lapp supplies all cable connectivity components from a single source.
  • Reduced Inventory
    No need to carry stocks of connectors, cables, conduits and hoses. Avoid component scrap or waste from cutting cable.
  • Highest scalability
    With Lapp, you are able to respond to increases in demand immediately. Working with Lapp, you support machine development and serial production - one supplier for individual pieces to whole series.
  • Technical expertise
    Make use of Lapp’s decades of cabling technology expertise. Rest assured for reliability and safety from uncompromising brand products.

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